River Corridor Processes

Press release from USGS highlighting our work

USGS River Corridor Powell Center

  • Where, when, and how much river water interacts with chemically-reactive interfaces of the river corridor
  • How can we improve prediction? Improved specification of physical vs. biological controls in regional water quality predictions
  • Which river corridor interfaces dominate reactions?
  • Relative importance of hyporheic, dynamic bank storage and floodplain inundation, alteration by dams
  • Prioritizing strategies to manage water quality and ecological habitat, how wide of a river corridor is needed?


Watershed Processes

  • How are the deeper mechanisms of recharge within the mountain block connected to the shallower ground and surface water hydrology of the downstream valley?
  • How will these processes be affected by future land use/cover or climate changes?
  • How are these mountain processes coupled to downstream water uses?




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